Large Earring Holder | Chore
Large Earring Holder | Chore
Large Earring Holder | Chore
Large Earring Holder | Chore

Large Earring Holder | Chore

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If the small earring hanger isn't quite enough, the large is suitable for up to 26 pairs of earrings, keeping your jewellery safe and together - no more missing earrings, or jumbled piles of jewels in a dish.

The plywood insert can be removed, making it easy to take earrings in and out if required (they can be removed without taking the plywood out too), and it is kept in place whilst hanging by the knots.

The hanger is made from a water-based composite material, that contains no solvents or VOCs making it a more environmentally friendly alternative to solvent based resins and concretes.

The base is a chore green and white chips throughout. Every item is handmade, making each unique (the photographed item is representative as each one will differ slightly).

The moulds are made specifically for this product, and after the composite is poured and set, it is sanded and polished with five increasingly fine grades of sand paper, then waxed, to achieve a smooth, tactile finish. The end result feels a lot like soapstone.

Images also show the small earring hanger for comparison.

Measurements and details
  • 12cm diameter
  • 1.8cm depth
  • Hanging length (holder plus string) of 25cm
  • Cotton string
  • Birch plywood
  • Jesmonite (a fire-resistant material)

Wipe clean. For indoor use.

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