The Chemists’s Daughter naturally evolved out of a desire to live a life with less plastic; a life that becomes more sustainable through small and easy changes, without sacrificing beautiful yet simple design. Goods focus on reuse, recycling, minimal waste and ethical sourcing, and provide a more eco-conscious home and lifestyle.

More about Hannah

I got my first sewing machine when I was around 10, so over 25 years ago, because I think my mother got tired of me always being on hers. I grew up surrounded by family who were both very academic and artistic, so I went on to study Industrial Design (product design), which was the perfect balance of science and creativity, and as a post-grad my thesis was in emotional attachment to wearable objects.  After university I spent 10 years in web design and development, and co-owned a small digital company. 
After a mental breakdown in 2016, I needed to focus on something that kept my hands busy. This came at a time when, within my own household, we were focusing more and more on reusable kitchen and bathroom alternatives. The Chemist’s Daughter naturally evolved out of the need to live a life that was both better for my health and better for the planet, and in the process it brought me back to my formal education in product design.
Every product is made by myself; nothing is out-sourced.  From the design stage, making unique moulds, pattern design, screen printing fabrics, sewing, finger knitting rope for trivets and hand stitching them into coils, pouring water-based resin goods, sanding and hand-polishing, and more.  I even print my own labels and make the stands that I use at markets.
And also, I am the daughter of a chemist, two in fact.