Plastic free packaging

Being a business that focuses on sustainability and reduced environmental impact, the way in which products are delivered to customers is incredibly important. 

All items are delivered in cardboard boxes or plastic free envelopes with plant based adhesives, and are sealed with eco paper tapes.

Where padding is needed, recycled and/or recyclable materials are used.  Most items will be wrapped in a textured card based wrapping material, but occasionally bubble wrap will be used.  If bubble wrap is used it is only ever second hand - sourced from the packing of materials that are delivered to us. No new plastic materials are used.

Here's some of the packaging we use:

  • Cardboard boxes with a minimum recycled content of 60%
  • Paper bubble wrap that is 100% recycled, and 100% recyclable with biodegradable materials
  • Kraft paper tape with natural rubber based adhesive
  • Recycled paper thank you notes
  • 100% recycled manilla tissue paper