Hanging plant pot | Chore
Hanging plant pot | Chore
Hanging plant pot | Chore
Hanging plant pot | Chore

Hanging plant pot | Chore

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A modern style plant pot holder that can hang, or sit on a surface due to the removable rope.

The rope is a continuous loop made from 100% recycled cotton, invisibly secured so that there is no knot, and simply threads through the holes in the sides. Can be knotted to shorten the rope if desired.

While the inside is coated with multiple coats of sealer, it is recommended to keep your plant in its plastic pot and to avoid large amounts of standing water below. The outside of the planter is polished with wax.

Made from a water-based composite material, that contains no solvents or VOCs making it a more environmentally friendly alternative to solvent based resins and concretes.

The base colour is chore green. Every plant pot is handmade, making each unique (the photographed item is representative as each one will differ slightly). The moulds are made specifically for this product, and after the composite is poured and set, it is sanded and polished with five increasingly fine grades of sand paper, to achieve a smooth, tactile finish. The end result feels a lot like soapstone.

Colours have been photographed for best colour accuracy possible, but varying monitor settings may make colours look different. Listing is for a single plant hanger.


Measurements and details

  • Max width: 18.5cm
  • Narrowest width: 11.5cm
  • Height: 11cm
  • Total hanging height: 62cm
  • Internal diameter: 9.2cm
  • Fits: standard 9cm pot
  • Approx 1175g 
  • Jesmonite is a fire-resistant material.


  • Wipe clean
  • For indoor use

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